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Sandra Klijn is an expert in the field of vitality and career development. She is doing PhD research on 'personal energy at work' at the VU University in Amsterdam, where she is also a teacher in organizational behavior.


You can hire Sandra as a speaker or trainer. Especially for companies that are struggling with staff turnover, low work engagement or absenteeism, she provides workshops on energy management and she guides personal development processes of employees.


After 17 years of work experience in Marketing, Sales and HR at companies such as MSD, Danone and Philips, she combines research and business knowledge to develop successful programs with the Klijn Creative Teaching team that direct the individual career path that leads to purpose, engagement and performance.

The book What do you really want?

For everyone who realizes: 'The work I do no longer suits me, I want to change this but I don't know where to start'.

The book What do you really want? is the result of 5 years of research.


Here Klijn introduces the model she developed during her PhD research. The book also shares case histories of people who found their work-life match based on the methodology of personal energy at work. In addition, Sandra shares her own struggles with 'managers from hell' and her challenges as a manager with a touch of humor. This makes the book an easy-to-read guide for anyone looking to boost their energy at work.

The book What do you really want? leads you to find work that really suits you. Based on the scientifically proven model you discover your energy sources and energy losses. The accessible content offers current insights into your behavior and practical tips to change course, including a free core values ‚Äč‚Äčtest.

The English version of the book will be released soon. Now you can order the book in Dutch.

The interface of research and business

In addition to being a speaker, trainer and coach at Klijn Creative Teaching, Sandra Klijn is doing PhD research on personal energy at work. During her research, she developed a model that explains why some people flourish under certain working conditions and why others can burn-out or bore-out under identical working conditions

Sandra and her team translated the model of personal energy at work into energy management workshops for companies (Energize Academy) and personal programs for career development (Design your career Academy).

Improv theatre

"As an actor and teacher of improvisational theatre, I love to come up with unexpected creative solutions. When I provide trainings I use the theater ground rules a lot:  it's ok to fail, acceptance, and letting other people shine" 


The research behind the programs of Klijn Creative Teaching is explained in these two published articles, written by Sandra Klijn:

  • The first article, Personal energy at work: a systematic review, offers the foundation for the four energy dimensions in a model that is developed based on more than 300 articles regarding personal energy. In addition, the model explains what factors lead to feeling energized at work.
  • The second article, Construct dimensionality of personal energy at work and its relationship with health, absenteeism and productivity, shows the validation of the four dimensions of personal energy at work. In addition, it demonstrates that feeling energized at work has a positive impact on productivity, overall health and absenteeism.

Core values of Klijn Creative Teaching


Feel connected with yourself and from here connect with others


The energetic state of experiencing vitality and learning


Color outside the lines with  innovative ideas


Enjoy the road and don't take yourself too seriously


Develop through purpose, planning and decisiveness 

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