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The first step to exploring the ideal job is getting to know yourself through identifying your personal core values. Personal core values ​​are the basic beliefs from which you act. They are the main principles that guide a person's behavior. Knowing your core values ​​gives you direction, because you cannot ignore them. As soon as something goes against your core values, you feel resistance and when a situation is in alignment with your core values, it feels very good. Therefore you want to set up your environment and work in such a way that it matches with your core values ​​and therefore suits who you are.


Defining your core values ​​can be done in 3 steps using this core values ​​list down below that you can download. The core values ​​are divided into 11 groups, don't let a diversity in the groups determine the composition of your top 5 core values, but let yourself be guided by how the words inspire you.


Define your core values ​​in 3 steps:


1. Take a moment for yourself and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the thing I most love to do?
  • What problem is close to my heart?
  • What is the thing I cannot live without?


2. Look at the main themes in the core values list and choose a maximum of 5, putting them in order of importance.


3. Now make a list of your 5 most important core values. These can all come from the same group, or from multiple groups. Discuss your values ​​with a dear friend or family member and explain for each value why it is so important to you.


View the full core values ​​list here

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