Do you find it hard to retain young professionals?

Is your company or team suffering from one of the following issues?

  • High turnover rates of young professionals
  • Insufficient team alignment due to COVID work conditions
  • Low work engagement
  • High work pressure and lack of vitality
  • Absenteeism among young professionals

How would you feel, if you know that the solutions are just around the corner?


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Let their path lead to your success

The future success of each company depends on the investment in young professionals. The programs of Klijn Creative Teaching provide direction for the individual career path that leads to purpose, engagement and performance. For the company, this means improvement in the numbers of absenteeism, turnover and sales.

Sometimes employees can feel disengaged with work and are looking for possibilities to develop. This does not necessarily mean that they are in the wrong job. More often, they feel stuck and miss a sense of meaning.

The Design your career Academy helps these young professionals to identify their needs and create a supportive environment. This enables them to develop a clear image of their next career step, like job crafting, take on extra education or explore other roles.

Have a look at the solutions that can improve your turnover, absenteeism and performance.


Book Sandra Klijn (researcher on 'personal energy at work') for your events regarding the following topics:

  • Vital leadership
  • Energy management
  • Young professionals career development
  • Hybrid working success factors
  • Mental health

Design your career Academy

Everyone within the company has their own development path. These are paths that can lead to personal success and therefore to better results for the company. The Design your career Academy provides guidance and direction on that path.

This career guidance program includes:

  • Individual coaching trajectory
  • Live masterclasses
  • Live events
  • E-courses
  • Personalized report

Energize Academy

For team members who feel low in energy due to challenges with managing their work and life. Instead of managing your time, manage your energy.

This one-day group training (on location or online) contains the following outcomes:

  • Personalized plan to manage your energy
  • Toolkit with strategies to manage physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy
  • Concrete planning steps for how you want to live your life

Strategy meeting

Are you a manager or do you have a position in your company where you are responsible for the wellbeing and development of employees? Then a strategy meeting provides you with the tools to improve the vitality and/or enthusiasm of employees. During the meeting, it becomes clear where the problems lie and which solutions are possible, tailored to your company.

During the strategy meeting, we examine how you can deal with challenges such as employee turnover, absenteeism and low employee involvement. The strategy meeting is free. Schedule a strategy meeting to discuss your struggles and we will develop a tailormade talk or training based on your needs. 

Even without a follow up, the strategy meetings helps to identify the next steps.

Invest in your future

Invest in young professionals

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