Choose work where you use your true strenght

  • Do you often come home tired?
  • Is your potential not being used?
  • Are you good at what you do but don't get satisfaction from it?
  • Does your true strength lie elsewhere?
  • Are you not sure what you want right now?

You're at the point in your career where you're doing work you're good at and you are being appreciated, but something's missing. You lack job satisfaction, energy or challenge. You realize that you want to take a different path, but you lack the tools to take steps, then it is time for reflection.

You desire work that gives you energy,

instead of work that costs energy

When your daily work consumes more energy than it gives you, this will take its toll. You become more

and more tired and cranky, and eventually it can make you sick and burned out.

For example, you have been able to get a lot of promotions in the past, therefore you have grown many steps further year after year. Often the promotion has been more important than how you actually felt about it. Because status has taken priority over job satisfaction.

What do you do, when after years of working, you suddenly realize that the work simply no longer suits you? When you're in such a job, it means you're playing a part of a person you don't want to be. That you're pursuing a goal that doesn't interest you. This indicates a lack of realism and even a lack of integrity. Because it is unfair to the employer, your manager and colleagues and especially unfair to yourself.

And then comes the time when you are 80 years old and you look back on your life. What most people regret at that age is that they would have liked to have made different choices: following their own plan, more time for the people and things that matter to them.


You want to break through.

"Suddenly you realize that you haven't used your potential in ages"

You want something different, but how?

You know you want change now, and this awareness is already going to set you apart from the rest to actually start living the life you want to lead. If you know who you are, in other words what your core values ​​and motivations are, this offers many new perspectives. 

Work that suits you does not cost you energy, but gives you energy. After all, if your work is an extension of who you are, then the results of your work are your personal gain. You experience renewal again and again without getting tired of it. 

When you look in the mirror you realize what you have known for a long time: it is now time to change course. You are ready for the next phase, but a clear picture of the next step is lacking to make it concrete.

You may have already tried this:

  • Wait until you have the time to think about this carefully
  • Make things clear for yourself before you ask others for help
  • Getting lost in training and education because you think you don't have enough knowledge yet

Do you recognize this? These are all solutions that in theory can lead to action, but often remain with thoughts. And you know, just reading and thinking won't help you, you have to take action.

The time has come to take the first step to fulfill your dream. With career breakthrough coaching you create your personal step-by-step plan to create the work situation in which everything fits: your role, the company, the subject and the working environment.

"I only want to do things that I believe in that make me happy every day" 

The career breakthrough method

The ultimate reward of a job is the satisfaction you find in what you do. The career breakthrough method of Klijn Creative Teaching gives you the tools to take action and achieve your desired goal. During her PhD research, Sandra Klijn developed a model that explains which factors influence personal energy at work. This model has been translated into a methodology to find and get your ideal job.


Just like you navigate in google maps, you also navigate to your ideal job. The first thing that needs to be clear is your current location, which means: Do you know yourself well enough to know which job is right for you? The second step is your destination, which means finding out exactly what work you want to do. Finally, there is the third step, as it follows in any navigation system, you make a plan for your route. This means that you make an action plan, with the steps you will go through and with support channels you need, to create the work situation that suits you.

What this will bring you


Doing what you really love, every day. On Sunday evening you look forward to the working week. On Monday mornings you are drawn to work. You feel like getting started because your work matches who you essentially are, what you are good at and what is really important to you. You have time for your loved ones and passions. You wake up with the feeling of satisfaction and meaning.

The method for success

The content of the career breakthrough trajectory is based on scientific articles and business literature. The model that Sandra Klijn developed during her PhD research into personal energy at work, serves as a backbone and has been converted into a concrete step-by-step plan.

Step 1

Strategy meeting: we map out what you are encountering and you formulate your goal


Step 2

Under the guidance of coaching, go through the navigation method and discover:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my competencies?
  • What am I doing?
  • What do I want?
  • How do I reach my goal?


Step 3

Get started with your action plan. 

Step 4

Create the work situation in which everything fits: your role, the company, the subject and the work environment.

The steps of the career breakthrough method are processed in different parts with videos, personality tests, feedback and you receive your own personal report of your steps. The components of the trajectory are:

  • Personal coaching - Aimed at overcoming personal barriers
  • Masterclasses - Deepening knowledge
  • Live events - Actively working on your persnal brand
  • Online learning environment with 12 modules - inspirational assignments every week


An individual career breakthrough trajectory is tailor-made according to your wishes. This means that the duration of the trajectory and the relationship between the coaching, masterclasses, live events and the use of the app are tailored to how you can optimally go through the transformation.


The career breakthrough trajectory will bring you in the foreseeable future to a life with:

more meaning

more energy

more job satisfaction


After the career breakthrough process you are no longer stuck in your job, but you know what you want and how you can get it, you have control over your career.

Results of the career breakthrough method:

  • Clear reporting of who you are, what you can do and what you want
  • Analysis of jobs that suit you
  • Concrete action plan to obtain these jobs.


At the end of the process you will have a personal report, a blueprint of yourself: who are you, what can you do and what do you want. You can put this blueprint against all future jobs to see if there is a match. With a new career opportunity, you can now quickly judge whether the job fits who you want to be and whether the tasks correspond to what you naturally like to do.



For whom


When you are done coming home tired and you want to experience more satisfaction. You are willing to give everything you can, to gain more self-understanding and you have the courage to change course.


For people who want to be fully empowered.



Do you want this too?


During a free strategy meeting, we will discuss what you are encountering and what goal you want to achieve. Do you want to investigate this? Schedule a personal meeting and Sandra Klijn will tell you which first steps you can take to get your ideal job.


Sign up for the free strategy meeting

Are you a senior professional and do you want a breakthrough in your career, but you don't know how to get there? Explore how you can use your full potential in a job that gives you energy and meaning.


During the conversation we investigate:

  • What you encounter and what you want to achieve
  • Perspective for a work situation in which everything fits: role, company, subject and work environment
  • What steps are needed to go off the beaten track and take a different path


I got hired for my dream job

I give the career program a big 10! I was in a position where the work and the working environment did not suit me well and where I was not in my strength. Because of this, I was looking for a trajectory in which I could be personally guided to what suited me and where I was in my power. That's how I ended up with Sandra.

After a first intake it immediately felt good and I noticed that I wanted to start the process with Sandra. Her openness, trust and background in this area made me feel like she could help me. In addition, Sandra offers a career path with a clear common thread. I made a workbook in which I had to do an exercise of about 5 minutes every day. As a result, a very clear story was made about who I am, where my strengths lie and what my development points are. A very nice overview of what everyone should have of themselves. In addition, Sandra's openness and genuine interest were motivating. For example, we once sat down together for a whole day and we performed exercises in which it became clearer step by step for me which direction I had to look for and you gradually find out for yourself through your core values ​​which job suits you. We also look at the work/life balance and what feels good to you. I could send Sandra or call a WhatsApp at any time, so you really go through this process based on your needs. During the process I started to declare my dream job and this dream became more and more realistic. I followed this dream with the support of Sandra. What do you do? And what are you not doing? These are questions that come to mind but Sandra can guide you once the time has come. I landed the dream job and I want to thank Sandra for that. You end with a nice reference of your own workbook. This is now on my bookcase and if I ever get stuck, I can always look back in it.

My tip for all those who are still in doubt: I say do it! Especially because she really helped me further, she is flexible and a positive stimulus. In addition, she has a lot of knowledge about happiness at work based on her work experience and research. Now at the end of the trajectory, Sandra herself suggested that we meet one more time to see how my new job is going and to see how I am doing. With this she shows to me that she is involved and shows interest in you as a person. This feels like a very nice closure to me.

Sophie Hendriks - International Business Development Manager at De Vegetarische Slager

Every day of the course felt like a small gift

Sandra listens well and thinks along about my wishes and possibilities. She knows how to ask the right questions that really make me think. When I got to know Sandra and she asked me the question “what do you really want, what do you like?”, I knew I wanted to start the career path trajectory with her. Every day a short exercise to think about my future, it felt like small presents each day. 

— Saskia van Ooijen, Video journalist and content creator at Your Best Business Video  

I now have a plan that I believe in

Nice guidance from Sandra with room for depth! While going through the process, a red thread of what I want in my life came arose. And that red thread was very accurate. In addition, I now also have a plan and can get started. In short, highly recommend it.

— Floris Noorzij , Sales / Recruiter at Greenmonkeys B.V.

Every week I made progress with little steps

Participation in Sandra's career program has helped me by providing new insights. I could clearly state what I did not want, but I found it difficult to formulate what I did want. With the 12 modules of the program I took a step forward every week in the puzzle of who I am and which activities suit me well. Among other things, the insight into my core values ​​has given me direction in what I find really important in order to translate this into a suitable job in which this is reflected. During the Personal Branding event I also received input from others. Here we practiced how I come across to others and in what I excel. The insights of this day have contributed to awareness to profile myself better and more focused for a job that really suits me. Overall, Sandra's personal approach appealed to me and she thinks along well with you in bottlenecks and solutions.

Project leader at Danone

I have gained insight into parts that I find important in my job and Sandra has given me the tools to make these parts more prominent in my current job.

What I recognized in the masterclass is that we all sometimes stand at a crossroad in our lives where we can choose our current situation or our dream life. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages and it can sometimes be difficult to indicate what my dream life would look like. Sandra asked me some serious questions and together we analyzed my current work situation. These insights will also come in handy when I look for other jobs in the future, by being able to better identify what is important to me to thrive at work.

— Evelien Kuijper, Project Manager Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness at Philips

We were able to make a plan for the road to entrepreneurship

Because I have ended up in a situation in which I have to say goodbye to my current position, I am looking for an answer to the question: which job do I really like and suits me perfectly? I've been employed all my career, but if I'm honest I'd really like to start my own business. I have several ideas, but nothing concrete yet. Until now I have not dared to take the step to entrepreneurship. Sandra has helped me to understand what my biggest concerns are and what prevents me from taking this step. The answer turned out to be there right in front of me. By looking at my financial picture together with Sandra, we have been able to make a rough plan for the coming year. That means that I will take the next 6 months to research entrepreneurship and that after these 6 months I will decide whether or not to go for it. If in doubt, I then have another 6 months to find a job. I have already been in contact with various companies abroad to make my ideas more concrete. It's a good feeling to know that you don't have to worry for a few months and that you can fully focus on what you want to achieve.

— Ronnie Werner, Manager Promotion & Activation at Pathé Theaters BV

Together with Sandra I made a plan to follow my dream.

I have been a Sales representative for more than 10 years and although I have always enjoyed doing this, something started to feel uncomfortable. The conversations with Sandra have given me insight into the fact that I am not really enjoying myself anymore and I secretly fantasize about setting up a company with my husband. Sandra has listed all the possibilities and asked me "What is the worst that can happen if you follow your dream"? The point is, I'd like some time to research this project with my husband, but my current job won't allow me to work part-time. Step 1 is to find a part time job as my current job is no longer fun for me and has me to continue working for them full time. I have registered with recruitment agencies and the first interviews with other companies for part-time jobs are already planned.

— Sales Representative Pharmaceutical Industry

I now know what to do to stay true to myself, to be there for my colleagues and to choose the things that are important to me, both for myself and for the company.

Sandra has helped me map out all the choices that now lie ahead of me. Together we have described the consequences of different choices. So from different situations we came up with best-case and worst-case scenarios. This has given me a lot of insight and especially confidence in the steps I need to take. 

— Katarina Camović, Project Manager Sales Support at Philips

During the coaching process with Sandra I got to know myself better.

The search for my motivations and finding out where the things that I have naturally been doing for years come from, have given me the insights to better organize my work. A good example is that I can now better manage the expectations of my colleagues and stakeholders. By clearly indicating which role I want to take on in which defined project, I can use job crafting to better align my work with what I can and what I want.

— HR advisor Fuel industry