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Why You Stay Stuck In An Energy-draining Job and How to Break Free From It

The book 'What Do You Really Want?' is designed for those who recognize that it's time to change direction but find themselves uncertain what to do next. “My current occupation no longer aligns with who I want to be, and I'm eager for a transformation, yet I don’t know which steps to take first.”


If you find yourself uncertain about whether you're in the right place, it doesn't necessarily imply that you're in the wrong job. In fact it's more probable that you're experiencing a lack of purpose, dedication, and alignment with your fundamental values. This disconnect stems from the disparity between the person you aspire to be and how your current job aligns with that vision. The solution to this mismatch lies in gaining insights into your desires and understanding how they, in conjunction with your skills, personality, and behavior, constitute the essential pieces of the puzzle for a vibrant and fulfilling work life.


Sandra Klijn is a keynote speaker, trainer, university teacher and researcher. During her PhD research, she identified the factors that lead to feeling energized at work.

The book is also available in Dutch: Wat wil je écht? Kijk hier voor meer informatie

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